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The International Capoeira Federation promotes and facilitates championships, lectures, and workshops to nurture and engage the global Capoeira community.  As Capoeira grows around the world, it is important to have organized and unified championships and events.  ICAPF makes the global Capoeira community stronger through organized competitions, and creates visibility for this spectacular and multidimensional art form.

Membership in ICAPF allows academies and students to participate in championships, and online workshops, and to learn from Mestres around the world.  With access to a growing video library, students can further their research in the music, movement, and culture of this art form.  Through collaboration with other students from around the world, the Capoeira community will continue to thrive in tradition and forward growth. 

For Students

Gain access to our online workshops, where you can learn from Mestres from around the world.  Enjoy discounted entry fees to all tournaments.  Research and further your skills through access to our growing video library.  Get to know other students in the global Capoeira community.

For Academies

Registered academies gain access to our growing video library.  Your registered students will receive discounted registration to events, and will have access to online workshops.  Additionally, a portion of student registration will go to each academy to help further the growth and community of Capoeira in your area.

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